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If it’s not on our shelf today… our wide range of cross-over capabilities and connections throughout the industry will get you back up and running as quick as possible. We regularly stock thousands of feet of hose and tubing, adapters in brass and steel, couplers and valves. In addition, we place special orders daily. *Note: Click on manufacturer logos to go to product pages and catalogs.

• Assemblies - hydraulic and pneumatic hose
• Accumulators
• Actuators
• Adapters
• Couplers - hydraulic and pneumatic
• Cam and Groove
• Chicago/Air King
• Cylinders - oil, air, custom fabrication
• Drive Couplings
• Filters - hydraulic, pneumatic, process
• Fire Hose/Accessories
• Fittings - steel, stainless, brass
• Flow Controllers
• FRL - Filters, Regulators, Lubricators
• Gauges
• Heat Exchangers
• Hose Reels
• Manifolds
• Motors -high speed, LSHT, brake, Nichols
• O-Rings
• Oil Seals
• Power Units
• PTO - Power Take Off's
• Pressure Switches/Controls
• Pumps -piston, vane, gear
• Quick Disconnect
• Reservoirs
• Rotary Actuators
• Temperature Switches
• Tubing -poly, steel, stainless
• Valves - oil, air, check, control, etc...
• The Knowledge to Make it Work!
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